As night falls on this December 23rd, the streets surrounding the Farmers’ Market are filling up with people who do not forego one of the most significant traditions of Madeiran Christmas.

With a total of 57 stalls spread throughout the downtown streets of Funchal, offering everything from fruits and vegetables to pine trees and greenery, not to mention essential food and drinks like poncha and carne de vinha d’alhos (marinated pork in garlic and wine), the Night of the Market extends until 4 in the morning with a program steeped in tradition.

Although the event officially began at 8 in the morning this Saturday, at this time, the merchants who chose to start their businesses later are finalizing the details in their establishments, anticipating what is one of the longest nights of the year for any Madeiran. Others, especially those who usually work at the Farmers’ Market, are already preparing to close their stalls, understanding that when night falls, it is time to embark on the Christmas festivities with family and friends.

If you still don’t know which route to take on this day, we remind you that the Night of the Market, due to its significance in the Madeiran festivities, has its own website. Here, you can obtain information about points of interest, transportation schedules, parking locations, among other details. Visit the platform here.