On Tuesday, December 26, Funchal Port welcomes the visit of two cruise ships, the Azura and the Marella Explores, carrying a total of 6,995 people, including 5,057 passengers.

Both ships are on the route of the Atlantic islands, conducting 7-night cruises that began on December 22. The itinerary includes stops at the islands of Madeira, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma, and Fuerteventura, concluding on the 29th of this month in Tenerife.

The Azura brings on board 3,139 passengers and 1,146 crew members, staying in Madeira for 14 hours and departing at 7:30 PM for Fuerteventura.

The Marella Explorer stays overnight in Funchal and departs tomorrow at 1:00 PM bound for the island of La Palma. On board, it carries 1,918 passengers and 792 crew members.