The President of the Regional Government admits that the war between Russia and Ukraine will have implications for the Region, especially in terms of air tourist operations that the Region maintains with Kiev and Moscow.

Miguel Albuquerque was speaking on the sidelines of the ceremony for the presentation of the new graphics and a special edition, dedicated to António Aragão, of the magazine Islenha, at an event that took place this morning of February 24, at Quinta Magnólia.

The official recalled that on Saturday there is a direct connection to Kiev and on Sunday another to Moscow, “which started very well” and that implications are expected. Concerning Ukraine, due to the closure of airspace, in the case of Russia due to possible sanctions….
Presently, he announced, Madeira has 189 Ukrainian tourists and 223 Russian tourists.

At the level of residents, 413 Russians live in the Region and 328 Ukrainians.

The Madeiran leader emphasizes that Russian tourists and Ukrainian tourists are very friendly people and are significant for our tourism.

As for those who live here, he says that “they are perfectly integrated, they follow the rules, they are exemplary citizens”.

Miguel Albuquerque expressed his strong desire that this conflict end as soon as possible, in the sense that normalcy can be resumed and peace can be regained.