Madeira, as many will know, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, a wonder at every step, at every sight. But when the image we see is through a drone, it gets even more spectacular.

This is precisely what the Danish couple who chose Madeira to live in and where they publish their videos, did not only from the islands of the archipelago, but also from mainland Portugal and the Azores.

In the video shown here, entitled “The Paradise of Portugal”, there are about 31 minutes of pure ecstasy in each passage, showing not only the paradise in which Madeirans live and tourists enjoy, but also a little bit of the neighboring archipelago and of some landscapes from the Portuguese mainland, from Peniche to São Miguel, from Alentejo to Lisbon, among others.

But the focus is, without a doubt, Madeira above all, but also Porto Santo.

Now watch the video and, preferably, on screen and with sound to also appreciate the excellent editing work of Amalie and Joen in another share of ‘Stay Classy Vlog‘.