Those who already know Madeira and had the opportunity to visit Fajã dos Padres know perfectly the paradise we are talking about. For those who have not visited it yet, we strongly advise you to do so…

This fajã is not one of the most popular places in Madeira, but that helps to make it even more special. In some situations, the fewer people the better, right?

Fajã dos Padres has a very interesting feature, the access is quite particular and different from what we are used to. There are only two ways to get there. One way is to go down the cable car from the top of the slope (where you can leave your car) all the way to the Fajã area, by the sea. The other way is by sea, i.e., with a boat.

If you go by cable car, this is 300 meters high from the fajã, which makes the trip take about 2 and a half minutes. During the journey, you have the possibility to observe the huge and incredible cliff until you reach your final destination. In terms of working hours, it is open daily in the summer, from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m., and from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. during the winter. As for the price, access is free for children up to 11 years old and for guests accommodated in the houses at Fajã dos Padres. For the other interested people, it is 10 euro per person.

If you prefer to go by boat, you need to rent one or take a trip with one of the tourist companies which offer this type of activity.

Visit Fajã dos Padres and Calhau da Lapa by boat, check here

And why are you going to feel in Paradise while being in Fajã dos Padres?

Here the sea is so clear that it is possible to see the ocean floor when we are out of the water. There is a small pier, which gives you direct access to the sea and from where you can dive. The water temperature can reach about 24,5 °C in summer, can you imagine? You won’t even feel like getting out of the water.

There is also a beachfront restaurant, which serves a wonderful selection of dishes originally from the regional cuisine of Madeira. You can try a delicious seafood rice, a grilled tuna steak with aromatic herbs or even a tuna stew. These are just some examples of your menu à la carte.

All of this happens while being surrounded by incredible nature which will bring you calmness, relaxation and unwillingness of leaving this “paradise”. The stress of everyday life disappears and every moment is a dream.

Visit Fajã dos Padres and Calhau da Lapa by boat, check here

Besides all this, it is also possible to stay overnight. The old houses there have been refurnished and have the ideal conditions for a comfortable stay. These buildings are located within 5 minutes of the restaurant and the pier/beach area. By staying in these houses you may feel the unique, relaxing, rural and agricultural environment which the Fajã has to offer. You will be surrounded by the sounds of the sea, the sounds of nature and fruit trees. You may choose between two options: to book your stay in one of the 8 available villas overlooking the sea or in a bungalow, on the other hand.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant or delivered at home, if you prefer. Dinner and other extra meals will only be delivered at home. Special services, such as locally produced organic fruit and vegetables, may be delivered daily, as well as grocery shopping.

So, you know, when you are in Madeira, do not forget to visit Fajã dos Padres. Whether by cable car or by boat, we are certain it will be a unique and differentiating experience which will remain in your memory.

Visit Fajã dos Padres and Calhau da Lapa by boat, check here

Source: Madeiraallyear