I have been wanting to go to Funchal, Madeira airport in Portugal for a long time and I’ve heard so much about the scary and challenging landing there. I flew on TAP Air Portugal A319 from Lisbon to Madeira in the morning. The pilot explained why Funchal, Madeira is a difficult airport to land. The variable wind on the final approach and the mountain draft has created tough conditions for planes to land.

After landing in Madeira, I went to plane spotting with local plane spotters. There are lot of amazing locations to spot planes arriving and departing. I also went underneath the runway pillars where the runway was extended.

The next day I flew back to Lisbon on TAP Air Portugal A321neo with Retro Livery. I met with first officer Patricia onboard and she shared with me her aviation story. Check out her landing into Lisbon. Find out more from the video.