In just over 19 minutes, Karl Waldhecker describes paradise on the Atlantic

A documentary by journalist Karl Waldhecker about the island of Madeira was published on the 5th of January. The 19-minute video already has more than 79,000 views on the travel YouTube channel of WDR – a German public broadcasting company – with 241,000 subscribers.

A journalist for over 20 years, Karl Waldhecker traveled the ancient roads of the island of Madeira to discover the secrets of the land known as the ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’. The team made up of two Germans and one from Madeira began by exploring Porto Da Cruz, heading to Seixal, Ponta Do Sol, Funchal and ending in Calheta.

In the documentary produced in 2021, Karl Waldhecker talks about what brings so many tourists to Madeira. From the mountains to the sea, the journalist highlights the climate, gastronomy and culture of Madeira.