Funchal felt this Thursday, the 27th of January (until 08:00), the lowest temperature of this winter, registering extreme values ​​of the minimum temperature below 14 °C.

This morning the temperature in Funchal/Observatory dropped to 13.4 °C (04:40), and in Funchal/Lido, to 13.9 °C (06:20), which is the highest value of the minimum temperature on the network. Of IPMA weather stations in RAM – 20 in Madeira and 1 in Porto Santo.

The extreme minimum temperature before sunrise was 0.0 °C and was recorded at Pico do Areeiro in the last hour (08:00). It is not by chance that part of that peak dawned ‘painted’ in white.

Yesterday, Madeira had recorded the lowest air temperature of this new year 2022, when it registered an extreme value of -0.8 °C at Pico do Areeiro.

It was the second consecutive day and the third time this year that the lowest minimum temperature of the entire network of IPMA meteorological stations in the Region reached negative values.

Temperature below zero occurred for the first time on the 12th (-0.1 °C) and this Tuesday, the 25th (-0.5 °C).