There are even more unmissable reasons to take the next flight and discover Madeira with its thousand charms.

A Region rich in nature, culture and gastronomy, with more to surprise than the most traditional places, the most usual experiences or the most popular gastronomy.

Discover the suggestions of places that highlight some must-see places, unforgettable delights and secrets that only those who live in Madeira knows.

Instagramable Dives:

The natural pools of Porto Moniz are an obligatory stop, but if you want an (almost) exclusive bathing experience, in a place of incredible beauty, there are two places you have to add to the itinerary.

Doca do Cavacas is one of the most beautiful and unshakable places to dive in Funchal. Picturesque and postcard perfect, this is a small bathing complex with a natural volcanic pool and direct access to the sea, complemented by cement structures, some painted in blue and others in white.

Poço dos Chefes, in Vale das Freiras, in the lower part of Curral, is a small lake, with several pools in a row, surrounded by the most intense green nature, large stones and rocks and animals that convey the most perfect sensation of immersion in the nature. Increasingly popular but still without floods, it is still possible to find a rock to spread the towel in the sun, listen to the cicadas singing or enjoy the silence.

Delicious Cuisine:

From fruits bananas, passion fruit and guava, among others to foods that come directly from the sea limpets are an ex-libris, but there is no lack of swordfish, snails and tuna, passing by espetada, the bolo do caco and Poncha, there are more (almost secret) delicacies that you cannot miss.

The Castanha Pastel is typical of Curral das Freiras and an unmissable delight made with local fruits.

The Family Cake or Black Cake is rich in typical ingredients such as Madeira wine and sugarcane honey.

Fruit lovers can delight the palate with the Mousse de Anona and the Passion Fruit Pastries.

And never leave Madeira without tasting a Lambeca – the most famous handmade ice cream in Porto Santo.

Catch waves:

Surf lovers have already discovered the region, and Madeira was ranked 5th in the Top 10 most famous destinations for surfing in Portugal on Instagram according to the website, but they did not reveal the best spots.

We highlight Jardim do Mar, one of Madeira’s original surf villas with powerful giant waves and an open sky landscape, and Paul do Mar, with good waves and a landscape between the mountains and the sea.


Well-known, the Cascata dos Anjos and the Lagoa da Dona Beja are postcards that illustrate the natural beauty of the Region, but in the heart of Calheta, there is the Lagoa do Vento.

Anyone who wants to get there must be prepared for an adventure because, after a certain point, the path is through the heart of nature, bumpy, irregular and slippery. On the way, you will find an undeniable natural beauty amidst the vegetation and the panoramic views from the various viewpoints.

To get to Madeira you must meet one of the four requirements:

Present a negative test performed 72 hours before boarding, or perform it upon arrival at the airport. In the latter case, they must go to their hotel and stay there until the result is obtained, which is sent within an estimated period of 6 to 12 hours.

It should be noted that Madeira will continue to offer a test to each visitor, and it can be used when entering or leaving the Region, to be carried out at the airport.

Vaccinated tourists must present a passport or vaccination certificate validated by their country of origin.

Passengers recovered from Covid-19 in the last 90 days must present a document that proves their recovery.

In any case, to be eligible for entry, tourists must submit the respective proof, vaccination and recovery, on the app before the trip, in English for foreigners.