On the next visit to Madeira, don’t forget your bathing suit!

These five pools are the most refreshing choice to spend those warm days on the island.

Some days the natural effects of the waves splashing the volcanic rocks, are spectacular, worthy of photography and sights of astonishment. Other days, the sea is so calm, and the pools seem like lakes where you can see the reflections of the sky, the sun and the sea. A perfect, invigorating match that you will find it hard to get in another destination.

We leave you with our top 5, suggestions to dive in different parts of the island:

1.Natural Pools of Porto Moniz – North Coast

These are probably the most famous swimming pools in Madeira. Located in Porto Moniz, on the North coast of the island, they are a must stop for any visitor. It is always a pleasure to contemplate these “treasures” of volcanic origin, where salt water circulates freely, brought by the sea. There are some areas in the pools with shallow depth and other parts that allow beautiful dives. They offer good accessibility for people with reduced mobility. The entrance is paid.

Get to know Porto Moniz and Seixal pools with this fantastic tour


2.Natural pools of Seixal – North Coast

Known as “the most beautiful land of the North”, the parish of Seixal deserves a special mention.

It has a great black sand beach and natural pools surrounded by an idyllic scenery, whose volcanic rocks and lush mountains impress everyone. These pools offer a quiet and cosy atmosphere, with a bar just steps away from the water.

Rent a sun lounger and spend beautiful days, surrendered to the sun. Admission is free.

Get to know Porto Moniz and Seixal pools with this fantastic tour

3.Lido pools – Funchal

Reopened in 2016, this is a historic beach resort in Funchal.

For around eight decades, the Lido has invited locals and visitors to relax by the sea. Here, you can find a larger pool, sheltered from the waves of the sea, and two children’s pools with slides and guaranteed fun. Several solarium areas allow easy access to the sea. It has excellent support facilities, including a lift for people with reduced mobility. The entrance is paid.


4.Poças do Gomes / Doca do Cavacas beach complex – Funchal

A walk along Lido Promenade takes you to the Doca do Cavacas, easily identifiable by a unique fishing boat of the same name. Its natural pools, although small, offer extraordinary views. Admire Praia Formosa and Cabo Girão with the sea at your feet. Stay in the pool until sunset and dazzle yourself with the colours of the sky. This beach has a support bar, and admission is paid.


5.Caniçal Bathing Complex – East Coast

Caniçal pools are located on the east end of the Island, by the sea, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. It has two pools of reasonable size, one of them for children. This space has solarium areas, changing rooms, a support bar and several accesses to the sea, by stairs. The view is beautiful, unobstructed, and the sea extends beyond the Desertas Islands. The entrance is paid.

On this island, there are plenty of options for swimming and relaxing……!!!

Enjoy the natural pools, with clear waters and endless views of the sea. It’s an incredible experience!

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