Madeira is a paradise destination for families. There are a thousand activities and tours for children in Madeira. Climb aboard Christopher Columbus’s caravel, watch dolphins, walk through ancient forests amidst curved trees. Discover the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum, take a safari tour or marvel at the illuminations of the Madeira Christmas market.

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Santana Houses


Probably one of the must-see on a family holiday in Madeira: the traditional houses of Santana. You can discover them by booking your tours and activities in Madeira or by driving there by car (40 min from Funchal).

The houses are incredibly beautiful and seem to come out of a fairy tale. Inside you will discover regional craft products and local farmers’produce, all 100% Madeira.

Santana Houses are on the way to Porto Moniz and its natural pools. It is an almost obligatory stop for families with children who visit Madeira. Free entry.

There’s a tour that we highly recommend doing. With this tour, You can visit Santana as well Laurissilva forest, You can check the tour here


CR7 Museum


For many years he has been the idol of children. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best soccer player on the planet, and he is a real source of pride for the people of Madeira.

Indeed, he was born on this island where he trained every day for many years at altitude, which may explain his incredible physical power. For a stay in full immersion, book your room in Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel located above the CR7 Museum.

The entrance to the museum is very cheap and it is a must for holidays in Madeira with children.

A recommendation from us, if you want to see the museum, is to make a guided tour with a tuk tuk. You can check here and book the ticket as well

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Lido Bathing Complex


This is not a beach but a swimming pool with access to the ocean. The complex is a good compromise for those who want to spend a relaxing afternoon with the children while enjoying sanitary facilities, lifeguard supervision and nearby restaurants and snacks.

You can rent a deckchair for the day and dive into the ocean from the stairs at the tip of this place dedicated to relaxation. Ample parking is available outside.

It is a good choice for families with young children who want to enjoy a safe day of leisure. You can also treat yourself at the “Pure Atlantic Massage” or simply have a cocktail at the pool bar.

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Santa Maria Boat


With your children, board the pirate ship! The organizers of the tour got in a bit of a mess by calling this tour “Madeira Pirate Ship: 3-Hour Boat trip” because it is not a pirate ship but a replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship the”Santa Maria“.

It is one of the best ways to observe the cliffs of Madeira, to discover dolphins and whales and for the little ones, to enjoy a Madeira cake, and the grown-ups, a glass of Madeira wine.

Go down in the hold and you will discover exotic birds!

You can book a ticket to boat here

Book your flights to Madeira as well as your accommodation and tours and activities in Madeira, such as a cruise on the Christopher Columbus ship.

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There are two Karting tracks in Madeira. One is located … under Madeira airport (therefore perfect in rainy weather because it is covered). The other is located in Santana, near the traditional Santana houses.

Santana Karting is certainly the kart with the best surrounding scenery in Europe (eat your heart out “Mario Kart”!).

The prices are right and the karting is located just a 30 minutes’ drive from Funchal. Don’t miss this activity ranked among the best things to do with kids in Madeira.

Book your flights to Madeira as well as your accommodation at the best price and your tours and activities in Madeira.

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Dolphin watching


Do you love the people of Madeira? There remains to discover those who live underwater. Yes, you can watch dolphins and whales in Madeira! Your children will be captivated by this unforgettable spectacle. Dolphins swim near your boat (for the lucky ones) in the turquoise waters of this captivating blue ocean.

For young and old alike, emotion is guaranteed.

If you want to book a trip, we highly recommend you to do it with a catamaran, Gavião Madeira is perfect for the kids, you can book it here. If you want a private tour only for your family, you can check here

Book your flights to Madeira as well as your accommodation at the best price and your tours and activities, such as a whale and dolphin watching tour.


Monte Sledge 


Legend has it that the wealthy families of Madeira had their homes on the heights of Madeira (Monte) and used this unique means of transport to reach the centre of Funchal, the capital of the island.

It is part of traditional folklore and living folklore since dozens of Madeirans are part of the “Carreiros do Monte” Club. Climb aboard this incredible basket made of wicker and eucalyptus (100% from Madeira) and race down the streets of Monte to Funchal under the escort of two “Carreiros”.

A photographer will immortalize your crazy adventure halfway down and the photos will be available on your arrival.

You can go to Monte by tuk tuk, check it here

Book your flights to Madeira as well as your accommodation at the best price and your tours and activities in Madeira, and go with a Tukxi Tour to Monte.

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Cabo Girão

Câmara dos Lobos

Less hidden than the Miradouro dos Balcões, Cabo Girão is one of Madeira’s must-see. Nestled on the highest promontory in Europe, it offers breathtaking views of the ocean and Madeira. Located 20 minutes by car from Funchal, Cabo Girão is one of the best Instagrammable spots in Madeira. With its completely transparent glass platform you will have the impression of being suspended in the air. Discover this amazing and free place and blow up your Instagram account by sharing the most amazing places in this dazzling destination.

There’s a tour that your kids will enjoy for sure, and also visit Cabo Girão. You can book the tour here


Parque Florestal das Queimadas


Here dandelions are huge and lilies of the valley are more like bushes. Discover the exceptionally rich and luxuriant nature of Madeira’s green lungs in the Parque Florestal das Queimadas.

Located a few minutes’ drive from Santana and its traditional houses ranked among the best instagrammable spots of Madeira, Queimadas is a must-see for nature lovers and families.

Plan to get there in the morning as the road is very narrow and not easy for passing cars. Your walk begins with the discovery of incredible houses with thatched roofs. One houses a tiny café that offers delicious homemade cakes, the other is a museum of traditions. There are also miniature reproductions of typical houses in Santana with their geese and ducks for children to enjoy. Walk just 200 m and penetrate the forest to leave civilization and discover the best of Madeira. As a family, you can walk a few km and retrace your steps if the road is too narrow or difficult for your children. Others can walk on to Caldeirão Verde. Watch the weather before you decide to go. Better to discover this exceptional place on a sunny day than in the mist.

Book your flights , your accommodation, tours and activities in Madeira, such as a “The Enchanting North

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Porto Moniz Pool

Porto Moniz

Natural pools, formed by the flow of volcanic lava and naturally filled by the ocean’s waves. What more could you ask for a holiday with children in Madeira?

The natural pools of Porto Moniz have spaces for children (shallower pools) and play areas as well as sanitary facilities and a restaurant/snack bar. They are even accessible to people with reduced mobility.

We recommend you to make this tour

Book your flights , your accommodation, tours and activities in Madeira, such as a “Nun’s Valei and Pico do Arierio“.

Safari tour 


Embark with your children for an unforgettable day in the heart of the forests of Madeira. You will feel like you are in Jurassic Park.

Your guide and his 4×4 will take you everywhere, to the most inaccessible places of this magnificent island. Your Safari will take you to the traditional houses of Santana and the Madeira Nature Reserve. You can also stop to eat a eucalyptus leaf or enjoy the breathtaking views of Madeira.

We highly recommend True Spirit Madeira. They pick you up from your hotel and takes you on the island’s most beautiful roads to immerse you in Madeira’s green lungs. True Spirit Madeira also offers “Island Tour by Jeep and Whale Watching Cruise“, whale and dolphin watching, jeep safari, excursions and is also available for groups and private. Don’t stay in your hotel, do experience the best of the island with True Spirit Madeira.

Book your flights , your accommodation, tours and activities in Madeira, such as a jeep safari tour.

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Madeira Christmas Market


This is probably one of the best events of the year for young and old. Come to Madeira with your children at Christmas and marvel at the Christmas lights and the beautiful Christmas market, considered as the best sunny Christmas Markets in Europe.

The temperature in winter is always mild in Madeira, considered as the best winter sun destinations in Europe. Treat yourself to a sun, vitamin and gingerbread cure by booking your holiday to Madeira for Christmas, a perfect destination for families.

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