Embark on a culinary escapade beyond the ordinary, as we unveil the hidden gastronomic gems of Madeira that lie beyond the shadows of Espetada. Join us on a journey of flavors, where each dish whispers the island’s culinary secrets and invites you to savor the untold stories that linger in the kitchens and on the tables of this enchanting destination.

Lapas: Coastal Whispers of Flavour

Discover the coastal whispers of flavour with lapas, the treasures gathered from Madeira’s shores. Delight in the nuanced taste of these small limpets, adorned with garlic, butter, and a dash of lemon. Seek out hidden seaside havens to experience the authenticity of this ocean-inspired delicacy.

A tray with lapas on a grill

Picado: Bites of Culinary Revelation

Embark on a culinary revelation with Picado, where marinated beef or fish undergoes a metamorphosis with garlic, onions, and an aromatic symphony of spices. These bites pay homage to Madeira’s culinary heritage with a contemporary twist, promising a cascade of flavours in each mouthful.

Traditional food Madeira Picado fries meat mushrooms

Bolo do Caco: Bread with Heritage

Indulge in the heritage of Bolo do Caco, a traditional flatbread infused with garlic and parsley, cooked on a flat stone. Whether accompanied by local cheese or served as a side dish, this bread carries the personality of Madeira’s rich culinary traditions.

Bolo do caco from Madeira Island, Portugal

Espada com Banana: A Symphony of Sweet and Savoury

Savour the symphony of sweet and savoury notes with Espada com Banana. Grilled scabbard fish, espada, dances with caramelized bananas, showcasing Madeira’s inventive culinary spirit. It’s a fusion of flavours that exemplifies the island’s daring and innovative gastronomy.

Espada fillet in batter and baked banana

Prego no Bolo do Caco: A Flavourful Encounter

Immerse yourself in a flavorful encounter with Prego no Bolo do Caco. This dish, featuring succulent marinated steak sandwiched within the iconic Bolo do Caco, captures the essence of Madeira’s street food culture. Experience the harmonious marriage of juicy meat and the rustic charm of the traditional bread.

A traditional Portuguese Bolo de Caco sandwich with French fries in Madeira island, Portugal

Uncover the culinary mystique of Madeira, where each dish reveals a secret beyond the familiarity of Espetada. From the coastal whispers of lapas to the orchestrated revelations of Espada com Banana, these untold stories invite you to savor the unique and delicious offerings that define Madeira’s culinary identity. Embark on this gastronomic journey and let your taste buds revel in the extraordinary flavors that make Madeira a haven for those who seek the secrets behind every bite.